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Spring 2015 - Colloquium Schedule


Speaker and Talk Title


January 13
No Colloquium Today
January 20
Melissa Rice, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Dept. of Geology,
Western Washington University
Abstract Title: Mars through the eyes of the rovers: Imaging science from NASA's Opportunity and Curiosity missions
Doerte Blume
January 27
Joseph N. Mait, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Abstract Title: Millimeter Wave Computational Imaging
February 3
No Colloquium Today
February 10
No Colloquium Today
February 12
Jeffrey M. McMahon, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Abstract Title: From Shining Light on the Nanoscale to Taking Materials to the Extreme
Christian Mailhiot
February 17
Anderson Janotti, Materials Department, University of California Santa Barbara
Abstract Title:Two-dimensional electron gases at complex oxide interfaces
Christian Mailhiot
February 19
Tom Haxton, The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Abstract Title: Assembly pathway design for hierarchically structured materials
Christian Mailhiot
February 24
March 3
March 10
March 17
No Colloquium - Spring Break
March 24
Philip Johnson, Department of Physics, American University
Abstract Title: Quantum collapse-and-revival and effective interactions of ultracold atoms in optical lattices
Doerte Blume
March 31
No Colloquium
Matt McCluskey
April 2
James Hawreliak, Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University
Abstract Title: Studying materials in extreme conditions using dynamic compression
Matt McCluskey
April 7
Matthew Duez, Department of Physics and Astrronomy, Washington State University
Abstract Title: Effects of magnetic turbulence in neutron stars and nuclear-density accretion disks
Matt McCluskey
April 14
Jose P. D'Incao, JILA, NIST, Physics Department, University of Colorado
Abstract Title: A few-body perspective of ultracold quantum matter
Peter Engels
April 21
Cheng Chin, The James Franck Institute, University of Chicago
Abstract Title: The rise and the fall of universality, and the broccoli
Peter Engels
April 23
Zhi-Gang Yu, ISP/Applied Sciences Laboratory, Washington State University
Abstract Title: Spintronics and organic materials
Matt McCluskey
April 28
Monique Slipher & Guy Worthey
Abstract Title: V. M. Slipher, Pioneer of Extragalactic Spectroscopy
Guy Worthey

Colloquia are held on Tuesdays at 4:10 pm in Webster 17 on the Pullman campus of Washington State University, unless otherwise noted.

Come meet the speaker over coffee & cookies at 3:45 pm in the foyer on the Ground floor above the lecture hall.

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