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Fall 2014 - Colloquium Schedule


Speaker and Talk Title


August 26
Peter Ungaro, President and Chief Executive Officer
Cray Inc
Abstract Title:“Fusion of Supercomputing, Scientific Applications, and Big Data”
Yogendra Gupta
September 2
Matthew Hedman, Department of Physics, University of Idaho
Abstract Title: Kronoseismology: Using Saturn's rings to constrain the planet's internal structure
Michael Forbes
September 9

Ruprecht Machleidt, Department of Physics, University of Idaho
Abstract Title: Recent Advances in our Understanding of Nuclear Forces

Michael Forbes
September 16
John D. Sethian, Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL's) Plasma Physics Division
Abstract Title:TBD
Yogendra Gupta
September 23
Ann McEvoy
Abstract Title:TBD
September 30

Kenneth J. Roche, PNNL and Department of Physics, University of Washington
Abstract Title:TBD

Michael Forbes
October 7
October 14
Geoffrey Lovelace, California State University, Fullerton
Abstract Title:TBD
October 21
Isaac Silvera, Department of Physics, Harvard University
Abstract Title:TBD
Yogendra Gupta
October 28
Boris Blinov, Department of Physics, University of Washington
Abstract Title:TBD
Michael Forbes
November 4
Sabrina Leslie, McGill University
Abstract Title:TBD
November 11

Veteran's Day

November 18
Michael Forbes
November 25
No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Break
December 2
Roberto Morandotti, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique,
Montreal, Canada
Abstract Title:TBD
Kasey Roy Lund

Colloquia are held on Tuesdays at 4:10 pm in Webster 17 on the Pullman campus of Washington State University, unless otherwise noted.

Come meet the speaker over coffee & cookies at 3:45 pm in the foyer on the Ground floor above the lecture hall.

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